Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to Sanders Financial Planning Pty Ltd (SFP) and SFP representatives. It sets out how SFP collects, stores and manages personal information. Under the 1998 Privacy Act, SFP is required to manage, collect and store personal information in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principals. .

Collection of information

SFP defines ‘personal information’ as any information that can be used to identify or reasonably ascertain the identity of an individual. We are obliged under the 2001 Corporations act, Anti-Money Laundering and 2006 Counter Terrorism Financing Act or regulatory requirements, to gather certain personal information about you, including, but not limited to your:

  • Name, date of birth, TFN, contact details.
  • Information regarding, dependents and family commitments.
  • Occupation, income, employment history, employment circumstances, details family commitments, social security eligibility.
  • Financial needs, goals and objectives.
  • Assets and liabilities (current and future), .
  • Superannuation and insurance details.
  • Investment preferences and attitude or tolerance to investment and financial risk.

How is Information Collected

Indirectly from Fund Managers, Superannuation Funds, Life Insurance companies & other product issuers (only after we have received authorisation from you).
We collect personal and sensitive information using a variety of methods including:

  • Directly from you during face to face appointments, via phone, email, our website contact form, as well as data collection forms.

Sensitive information

SFP may need to collect sensitive information which includes health information, racial information, genetic information etc. This is usually required if we are recommending insurance products to you and we only collect information that is necessary.

Personal Information Obligations

It is also important to understand that if SFP are provided with incomplete or inaccurate information, clients risk purchasing financial products or services that may be not in their best interests and clients may be at risk of suffering a financial loss.

There is no legal requirement for clients to provide SFP with the information we have requested. There is also no legal obligation to allow us to collect information from third parties

However, if clients do not provide us with the information requested, we may be unable to provide the services required and we may elect to terminate our agreement to provide financial services.

Use of Information

Personal information is used for the purpose for which it was obtained and as an AFS licensee, this typically includes for:

  • Providing financial services to you.
  • Implementing investment or risk management recommendations on your behalf.
  • Attempting to identify financial products and services to recommend to clients.,/li>

Disclosing Your Personal Information

SFP may disclose your personal information to:

  • Our representatives.
  • The product issuers of products and services that you have elected to acquire, vary or dispose of using our assistance.
  • Our external service providers.
  • Your professional advisers as authorised by you.
  • Our regulators.

Information may be disclosed to the following parties:

  • Product issuers.
  •  Other parties involved in the administration of your financial products (credit reporting bodies, credit reporting bodies, call centres etc).
  • Other professional advisers, (your solicitor or accountant).
  • Our external service providers (e.g. IT providers, professional advisers and contractors).
  • Government and regulatory authorities, as required or authorised by law.

International Transfer of Information

SPF may transfer personal information to service providers in locations outside of Australia. In the course of storing that information and when using or disclosing it, we take reasonable steps to ensure the overseas recipient does not breath the Australian Privacy Principals in relation to the information.

Government related identifiers

SFP keeps your personal information in your client file in our secure computer database. We take reasonable steps to ensure the persona information collected and held by us is protected from misuse, interference, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

We do not keep hard copy files, as we aim to be a paper-less office and all documents are scanned and uploaded into your client file in our secure computer database, which is password protected. Data is backed up weekly and stored securely off-site.

If you cease to be a client of ours, any personal information which we hold about you will be securely maintained for a period of 7 years in order for SFP to comply with legal and professional requirements and standards. After this period, the information will be destroyed.

Accuracy of Personal Information

SFP takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use, store and disclose is accurate, complete and relevant. If at any time you become aware or have the belief that any personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you may contact our office to correct the information.

Access to Your Personal Information

You are welcome to request access to the personal information we hold about you by contacting our Compliance Officer (details below). In your request, please include your contact details and the information that you require. We will respond within two working days after we have received your request.

Dealing with us Anonymously

SFP does not deal with clients anonymously, but we can provide details such as our postal address or fax number to anonymous telephone requests.

Our Website

Our website may collect certain information from our computer such as browser type, operating system etc. This information is used by us to analyse how people use our website and form website improvements.

Unauthorised Information

If we could have collected the information from you, then we will treat the information in the same manner as if we had solicited the information directly from you. SFP adheres to a strict Privacy Policy and we manage information accordingly. If it is determined that unsolicited personal information was received by SFP, and this information could not have been collected in the same manner that we solicited the information directly from you, then the information will be destroyed within two working days.

Complaints resolutions

If you believe that we have breached the Australian Privacy Principles, or disagree with a decision that we have made in relation to our Privacy Policy, you may lodge a complaint with us. To enable us to understand and deal with you complaint in a timely fashion you should set out a brief description of your privacy problem, the reason for your complaint and what action or remedy you are seeking from us. Please address your complaint to our Compiance Officer. Our contact details are included below.

Your complaint will be investigated and responded to within 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, or require further information on privacy, you are entitled to contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (

Policy updates

This policy is subject to change from time to time. The most current version of our Privacy Policy can be obtained from our website ( or by contacting us.

Contact details

Compiance Officer: Meredith Sanders
97 Bennett Dve, Canning Vale  WA  6155

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