Retirement Planning

Retirement. How many years are you planning for?

Today people are retiring earlier than ever before. During the 1950’s, the retirement age was around 67 for men and 68 for women. However in recent years, the average age of retirement has hovered around 63. Research is indicating that the average retirement age will continue to decline as, when asked, many people say they expect to retire as early as 55 or 60. Obviously the longer you plan to spend in retirement, the more you will need to save. So, how many years should you plan for?

The answer depends largely on your life expectancy and how much you can afford to save and accumulate between now and retirement. Life expectancies are stated as statistical averages, meaning you could live more years or fewer years. While about 50% of all people could die before their life expectancy, another 50% are expected to live beyond it.


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