Superannuation is now the second largest asset for many Australians after their family home. But how many of us can say with confidence that we are getting the most out of super?

  • Take full advantage of the benefits the government provides to save through superannuation – strategies are available to reduce your tax this year and boost your retirement savings.
  • Don’t pay too much on account fees – make sure you are getting a good deal. Fees range from less than 0.3% to more than 3% and make a significant difference to your retirement funds.
  • Get the benefits of any commissions or rebates paid by the product provider from your super account – have the commissions paid to you.
  • Understand how your superannuation is invested – set it up to deliver strong returns without taking on too much risk.
  • Consolidate your accounts – it is often cheaper and easier to control your superannuation through one account.


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